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Most doctors focus on Symptom Relief. And they are often able to achieve that goal.  But see if this sounds familiar: Treatment often begins with medication to reduce the sensitivity of pain receptors.  If the medications don’t do the job, physical therapy may be recommended to temporarily reduce spasms, strengthen muscular weaknesses or increase mobility.  If that’s not successful, injections to calm the site of pain may be ordered. If and when those fail, more invasive procedures like surgery may be suggested. 


We aspire to do things differently. 


Our goal is to restore the structural integrity of your spine. Since your spine protects your central nervous system, structural shifts in the spine can cause a variety of different secondary symptoms throughout the body.   Instead of  going down the rabbit hole of symptom relief, we look to correct the primary, underlying structural problem.

Some of the most common secondary conditions that may develop as a result of a structural shift include:

If it’s on this list, we have seen it in our office -- If it's secondary to a Structural Shift, we can help.

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